Chanson Cabs


The Beginning of Chanson Radio Taxi

Chanson Radio Taxis was originally the idea of our Group Chairman Mr. Harjeet Singh Chandhok who decided to try and improve the level and standard of the Taxi service in Delhi.After a very short period of time, the idea had been converted into reality with clear vision and mission. The service was launched in February, 2008 with 200 vehicles of international standard fitted with GPRS system, digital fare meters and thermal printers for issuing bill/receipt and now there are 500 Radio Taxis, plying on NCR Road.

CHANSON is the synonymous of 'Transport' for corporate and multinational giants. We have good experience in handling the Indian Car travelers with quality services, which we provide to the employees of various multinational and corporate heavyweights and it is the testimony of our system driven approach that we are striving towards excellence by building and sustaining customer driven and delight approach.

Continual up gradation in Technology

The commitment to provide the best Taxi and Private Hire service possible has led to the Company investing heavily into new technology and equipment over recent years. The long-range radio system, the computerized call taking system and the secure data transfer system has, through continual development, improved the accuracy of the information both from the customer and to the drivers. For approximately 14 years the Group very successfully operated its own in house System, however after those early years where development of this technology was very slow, it soon became apparent that the new communication technology was advancing very quickly and the Company could not afford to ignore the various facilities now available. Therefore Company has invested and modernized its systems. Chanson Cabs Radio Taxi launch is a part of our plans to augment and support the mission of Delhi Government to provide safe, Reliable, eco-friendly, cost effective and efficient modes of transportation to the citizens and travelers to the National Capital Region. We have taken extreme measures towards providing a reliable and safe mode of transport to the people of Delhi and to those who would be visiting us. The measures we are initiating:

  •   Chauffeurs are recruited after due verification process such as police, bank and      personal guarantor.

  •   Chauffeurs have to undergone a multi-step process which include various tests such

        as written, spoken, attitude, psychology, road knowledge and are committed to deliver

       a very different and pleasant taxi experience to the residents and travelers of National

       capital region.

  •   Panic button in the cabs.

  •   VTS through GPS.

  •   Digital fare meters.

  •   24 x 7 helpline and call center.

On the lines of Radio taxi concept being provided in various countries, Chanson Cabs will offer swipe machines for payments through credit cards for which we are tying up with Bank for the use of swipe cards.

Chanson Cabs - 4777 - 4777 believe that besides overcoming the shortage of reliable transport commuters could fulfill all their wishes from a cab--doorstep pick-up at the scheduled time, a decent chauffeur with a helpful attitude and an inclination for safe driving, to pay only for the distance traveled without any shortchanging on the pretext of time of the day and part of the city.