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Social Responsibility

Nirmal Aanchal

  • NIRMAL AANCHAL for mentally retarded children NGO is the brainchild of Chanson Group which is a premier transport providing company of India and has name and fame worldwide. Chanson Group besides its activities keep involving and dedicate itself in the noble cause and do not lag behind in adopting any noble cause for the service of humanity and has noble slogan such as "SARBAT DA BHALLA". NIRMAL AANCHAL is registered under "The Societies Registration Act, 1860".

    NIRMAL AANCHAL which itself originates and deep sense of meaning NIRMAL means clean and AANCHAL stands for cover i.e. clean cover is virtually pious cover.self reliant and no more invalid.

    The aims and objectives, mission, its belief, areas of work, action plan, vision, sponsorship of handicapped and measures to take care of, general awareness, raising funds for noble cause- the above cause cannot be achieved without the help and sincere efforts of our donors.

Jas Simran (Aashra for Old Age People)

  • "Sun setting age does not mean end of life"

  • Jas Simran Logo represents helping hand of different religion clubbing one religion of humanity and working together for those who are neglected by their loved ones in their sun setting age. Jas means (Fame) and Simran means (Pray). Pray everyday you will get everything (fame, respect etc) in life.

    The noble logo is a brain child of Late Shri Bhagwant Singh Chadha who led selfless life in the service of humanity.

    Jas Simran old age home for old age people facility is for Senior Citizens who are destitute and without care is need of timely help in their "Sun Setting Age".

    Jas Simran for old age felt the necessity of noble cause in the present scenario and will run the show with people cooperation while contributing their self indulgence, materially & financially.

    JSOAH works and looks after old age people who are neglected & further intimidated by their loved ones & live under stress & strain.